One of the hardest things about writing novels is actually writing novels. Sounds like I’m entering a contest for the stupidest opening lines but hear me out; as a part time writer, part time dreamer, I find juggling work and juggling writing difficult, at times. And, as I have to work to live in a house and eat food, it is writing that often gets sacrificed.

So when I saw the Writer Accountability Group on Facebook I felt like it might help me out. And it really did. It works like this: You communicate your targets with the rest of the group at the end of each day, letting them know what you hope to achieve for the day after. Then, you write to try and meet your target, and when the check-in comes, you let them know if you managed to make it or not. Now my specific group was organised by one very dedicated, very talented person, but sometimes you can mix it up, take turns with check-ins, and just make sure that you all motivate each other. It’s helped my productivity enormously, even now when the group is on break I try and meet my seven fifty target, and though I don’t quite go on as many win-streaks as I do when the group is running, I still hit my target on a lot of days. It gets the novel written, and is something I feel that anyone trying to become a professional writer, or even living life as a professional writer, should attempt.


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