Harry Potter Studio Tour

This is the first blog entry on my webpage, so firstly, hello everyone, hope y’all are well.

Recently, as a late birthday present to my girlfriend (it was purchased on time, for all those who are tutting and shaking their head at me) I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford. It was, of course, an incredible experience, seeing everything from the cupboard under the stairs, to the snake-covered door that hid The Chamber of Secrets, as well as trying the wonders of butterbeer and, even better, butterbeer ice cream!

While we were walking round I couldn’t help but think about how incredible this must be for J.K. Rowling. As a young writer, my only ambition is to be read; if my writing can actually change anyone, or help anybody then that would be an incredible achievement on my behalf, but frankly, to be read would be, and is frequently, a wonderful feeling. But what J.K has done with seven astonishing book is capture the hearts, the imagination and the lives of millions of people. The amount of people whose life was changed by her series of books must be in the millions. The people who firstly, read the book, but then there were people whose lives literally became Harry Potter. Her agent, the numerous directors, the people who designed the set, figured out how to portray magic, the producers, the actors, the audiences; the creation of Harry Potter was one which has made millions and made millions of changes to the people that it’s touched.

It makes me wonder about my own dreams and my own ambitions, and how grand they should be. If I could write a story that would make a change on a grand a scale as Rowling then the dream would be well and truly alive. To be made into a movie, to have people figuring out how to portray scenes, how to bring the words on my page to life on a screen – well that would be astonishing. And, fingers crossed, something that I may even be lucky enough to achieve one day. But for now, I hope you enjoy the words I can give you.




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