Delinquent at Christmas

So fantastically, my last post was around a year ago, when I wrote a short story for Christmas. So it’s only natural that, this Christmas, I give you all another one to keep you busy while you sip on a cold beer and eat your body weight in mince pies.

This year, as well as giving this out for free, I’ve made a fundraising page for Beanstalk – a charity that provides reading support for children that are struggling at school. You don’t have to donate, obviously, but it’s always nice to raise a bit of money for those that do good. Check the link below is you want to do so.


Enjoy the story – it’s a free PDF so you should be able to read it on any device. Merry Christmas – click the link below for the story:

Delinquent at Christmas



The Postman

I have been quiet of late. There’s many many reasons for this – all of which feel like poor excuses for a writer, so I won’t dive into many. I will say, however, that a lot of my creative time has been taken up writing, planning and editing a novel.

As it is Christmas, however, I have taken the time out to write a Christmas story. In some ways, this story is sad, but hopefully you’ll see the happiness too! A special shout out to my sister, Niamh Davey, who created the cover for me. Selectthe link to read it 🙂









Skeletal, Poetry by Gareth Davey

A poem I wrote featured on a website! Enjoy!

Genre: Time

by Gareth Davey

At time I would just stare into your face,

and watch time move.

Behind your silver irises

cogs snapped,

back and forth –

back-forth once more.

Wires unravel like a spool,

and if I stayed,

and if I stared,

I would watch until the cogs were still,

and time stopped moving.

* * * * *
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One of the hardest things about writing novels is actually writing novels. Sounds like I’m entering a contest for the stupidest opening lines but hear me out; as a part time writer, part time dreamer, I find juggling work and juggling writing difficult, at times. And, as I have to work to live in a house and eat food, it is writing that often gets sacrificed.

So when I saw the Writer Accountability Group on Facebook I felt like it might help me out. And it really did. It works like this: You communicate your targets with the rest of the group at the end of each day, letting them know what you hope to achieve for the day after. Then, you write to try and meet your target, and when the check-in comes, you let them know if you managed to make it or not. Now my specific group was organised by one very dedicated, very talented person, but sometimes you can mix it up, take turns with check-ins, and just make sure that you all motivate each other. It’s helped my productivity enormously, even now when the group is on break I try and meet my seven fifty target, and though I don’t quite go on as many win-streaks as I do when the group is running, I still hit my target on a lot of days. It gets the novel written, and is something I feel that anyone trying to become a professional writer, or even living life as a professional writer, should attempt.

Harry Potter Studio Tour

This is the first blog entry on my webpage, so firstly, hello everyone, hope y’all are well.

Recently, as a late birthday present to my girlfriend (it was purchased on time, for all those who are tutting and shaking their head at me) I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford. It was, of course, an incredible experience, seeing everything from the cupboard under the stairs, to the snake-covered door that hid The Chamber of Secrets, as well as trying the wonders of butterbeer and, even better, butterbeer ice cream!

While we were walking round I couldn’t help but think about how incredible this must be for J.K. Rowling. As a young writer, my only ambition is to be read; if my writing can actually change anyone, or help anybody then that would be an incredible achievement on my behalf, but frankly, to be read would be, and is frequently, a wonderful feeling. But what J.K has done with seven astonishing book is capture the hearts, the imagination and the lives of millions of people. The amount of people whose life was changed by her series of books must be in the millions. The people who firstly, read the book, but then there were people whose lives literally became Harry Potter. Her agent, the numerous directors, the people who designed the set, figured out how to portray magic, the producers, the actors, the audiences; the creation of Harry Potter was one which has made millions and made millions of changes to the people that it’s touched.

It makes me wonder about my own dreams and my own ambitions, and how grand they should be. If I could write a story that would make a change on a grand a scale as Rowling then the dream would be well and truly alive. To be made into a movie, to have people figuring out how to portray scenes, how to bring the words on my page to life on a screen – well that would be astonishing. And, fingers crossed, something that I may even be lucky enough to achieve one day. But for now, I hope you enjoy the words I can give you.